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Thursday, June 16, 2016

This here is a tool you can use daily.  It's fast.  And it's effective.

Every day, take five minutes and write a list of:

  • 5 things you are grateful for
  • 5 things that you want in your life

Be creative.  Write those things that fit where you are in that moment, and what you truly genuinely want in your life.  

This is a good thing to do at lunch, before bed, or just after waking up.  It is also a good thing to do when you are taking a five-minute break, especially if you are looking to shift your energy.

You can change this, and you can also expand it.  Try a "Daily 10 & 10" if you have a lot to think about.  Or, write a list of each until you can't think of any more.  

You can be grateful for anything.  You can want anything in your life.  Think little.  Think big.  Think amazing.  Think wild.  Think absurd.

Think gratitude.

Energy goes where attention flows.  When you spend a few minutes every day focusing on gratitude and vision, your life will start to shift along with it.  It may not be seismic.  It may not be immediate.  You will see it, though.  If you stick to this for months - or years - you will be amazed.

Credit goes to Rich German for this tool.  I am also grateful to my oldest girlfriend.  One year, we each made a commitment to use the Daily 5 & 5 tool, and we did regular accountability check-ins to help each other out.  Our lives changed.  And they changed in the direction we wanted them to.

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POSTED:  2016-0615

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