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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

This is a tool from Steve Maraboli, a favourite life coach of mine.  I met Steve in 2009, well before I considered becoming a life coach myself.  Steve planted a seed, though.

I listened to hours of Steve’s online radio show after I met him back around that time, and one of the things that he re-iterated over and over was embracing your humanity.  I have come back to this tool often, especially when things get super intense. 

The idea here is another simple one:  we’re human.  If you’re reading this, it’s probably safe to assume you are human along with the rest of us.  We’re human.  We’re emotional.  We’re not perfect.  We have to deal with stuff.  Sometimes it’s rough.  Sometimes it’s powerful. 

We can get this idea that we should be a certain way.  Or do certain things.  We’re told to “calm down.”  The voices - in our heads, or wherever they are - say we shouldn’t be mad.  Or sad.  Or happy.  Or content.  Or depressed.  Or fearful.

Steve’s point is that part of being human is being these things.  Sad, angry, super-ticked-off, afraid, sorrowful, morose, disenchanted, despondent, broken-hearted. 

He encourages us to just be.  If you’re mad - be mad.  If you’re grieving, then grieve.  Stay that way, and feel it.  Let it happen.  Let it evolve.  Let it be.  Allow it. 

Sometimes it takes days - or weeks.  Some emotion can take longer.

The idea here is that we don’t fight who we are.  We accept it. 

Accepting ourselves - in any given moment - takes us a long way toward finding our own peace.  It doesn’t necessarily get us there today.  But it puts us on the path.

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