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Thursday, June 4, 2020

In all of the outrageous things happening in the US, Donald Trump continues to choose every single day not to use the full power, strength, capabilities, leverage, laws, and policies of the United States Government to help its own citizens survive a highly infectious unprecedented virus.

Every day.

Every day he chooses that path. Plus all of the other things he's choosing. That's a lot of choice for one man. The rest of us don't get daily tests. The rest of us are not all going to get so many choices when it comes to avoiding this thing. Or surviving it. Or living with the damage it causes.

Be safe. Try not to get dead. We have to survive this so we can do some things about this sea of injustice, inequality, corruption, selfishness, and greed. There are ways through. There are ways; people are out there fighting for some of them. And we'll find more.

Light it up.

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