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Thursday, December 31, 2020

A Quick Look At Today

It's October 2, and the last blog post here was June 12. 

Uh, some stuff has happened since.  Most of the writing on all of those subjects has been on the founder's personal Facebook page, or on the Shift the Country Facebook Page. 

There was an idea about copying at least some of that writing over here to the blog, or at least a list of links.  But... that's not going to happen. 

The main reason is because of one of our own tools - prioritizing what matters in a crisis.  Having a lovely collection of what is some lovely (or not) writing and analysis is not the most important thing in this moment. 

Doing something about all the chaos out here in this country is.

Plus at this point there's no need to re-review the unfolding chaos over the summer months.  Honestly, it's much, much worse today.  We're living it.  It intensifies daily.  Usually hourly.  It's a veritable news tsunami... only it's one where the huge waves just keep on coming.  And keep on coming.  We're all doing good to find something to grab onto and hold on as the debris swirls around us. 

I can't even try to summarize news over the past 24 hours let alone over the past week, so I'm not even going to attempt it.

I will say though that news broke overnight that the Chief Republican and leader of the plague-party tested positive for coronavirus last night, so the entire internet has completely exploded with this news today.  Not to mention the rest of the world watching, and the DC establishment - especially those cavorting a bit too closely with the president over the past two weeks.  Risks have consequences.

Unfortunately, those not safely out of the woods yet from exposure to the current US president do include Vice President Biden and his familly, who were all exposed at the first (and likely last) in-person 2020 "presidential debate" this week - which was not presidential in the slightest, and more of a debacle than a debate.  However, VP Biden spent some quality time that evening inside in a space with a man who may have been actively shedding COVID-19 who spent two hours bascially yelling at him from not far away.  Certainly not far enough away to mitigate any exposure to aerosolized virus.

The at-risk crowd also includes Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who also met with the president this week.  While negative tests have been confirmed today for VP Biden and Senator Harris, there is a possibility that they are carrying the virus without it showing up yet in testing.

Not much any of us can do about that situation right now, but there's a tiny sliver of the moment we're in.

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