Yet Another Trump - Putin Call In A Sea Of Outrageousness

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Monday, June 1, 2020

Here's a random data point for all the trippy stuff happening today out of the White House and in DC: Trump and Putin talked today.

Heaven knows what happened on the call but one thing that happened at some point is that Trump gave Russia a bunch of US respirators.

Also today, Trump told the governors they need to be tougher and meaner and more aggressive or he will. Despite his limited authority to do so. And he appointed a chief of staff at the Pentagon to be "in charge" of something tied to all that even though it was not clear what. Later in the day, the US president moved federal military troops into a US city (technically, the District) to act against US citizens. Because he has more authority in the District than he would have in a state.

And it sounds like he's starting to figure out that he has direct line authority to law enforcement agencies in DC. Probably by this point someone has told him there are like 16 or 18 federal LE agencies in DC. I doubt that's going to go well if the behavior of the US Park Police over the last few days is any indication.

Be safe. Chaos spreads. Try not to get dead. Remember to breathe.

Four things we need: connection, community, resilience, and problem-solving.

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